98 GMC Truck

Here are a few pictures of my 98 GMC
I bought this GMC used in November 1999 from of all places a Ford Dealer!

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This is how everyone should change their oil.

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My truck developed a water leak between the intake and heads.
I had to remove and replace the gaskets. I also replaced the water
pump while it was disassembled. It just made sense to replace it
because it had 75,000 miles and all those pesky brackets that
cover it up. Just love those GM bracket engineers.  

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I decided to do some maintenance to my GMC at the 100K mile
mark. I changed the oil and filter as usual and changed the fuel filter
and drained the differential then installed the Mag-Hytec cover.
Next I drained the trans fluid and changed the filter and install a
deep cast aluminum pan also from Mag-Hytec. I next filled engine,
transmission, and differential with Mobil 1 synthetic fluids.
I took if for a test drive and thought every thing was good.
But I found out the next day that overdrive now did not work.
I waited a week and changed the trans filter again and put
the stock trans pan back on expecting to take the truck in
to have the transmission fixed. Then I took another test drive and the
overdrive was now working so I drove it for 2 hours and crossed
 the 100k mile mark on the odometer and here are pictures of that.
I also took a video of the event but it was unusable.

I took a good look at both the stock steel pan and the Mag-Hytec
and noticed that the Mag-Hytec was missing a return fluid notch.
After grinding a notch into the pan rail and reinstalling the pan
overdrive now works with the Mag-Hytec pan. At 128K miles
I had to replace the Fel-pro intake gaskets again due to the
water ports leaking again.