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Here is a few components of my truck's exhaust system.
I have purchased a reproduction set of W-Z exhaust manifolds
that were originally used on 70 Oldsmobile 442 which has
true dual exhaust. I had to have some custom pipe work done
by the friendly local exhaust shop to connect the pipes that I
purchased from Napaonline.com as this motor was not originally
installed in this truck. My plan is to connect the custom pipes
to the Napa pipes to complete the system. I had some clearance
problems with the passenger side tailpipe and the brake lines.
I cut the pipe and welded in some couplers after adjusting the pipe.
I finished the pipe work by cutting up some of the unusable scrap
pieces of pipe and then welded them together. I need to tune the
the fuel injection before welding in the mufflers and converters.

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